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Widex To Release Firmware Update To Fix Beyond Connectivity Issue

Widex has indicated that they will release a new firmware update this week that should put to bed the issues that the Beyond Fusion 2 is having with iPhone connectivity. The best thing for users is that the update will be delivered to their phone through the unique firmware update feature that Widex introduced with their app. So they won't have to attend their professionals, just accept the firmware update when it appears. They have said that it will strengthen the connection between the aids and the phone. 

As we reported a few days ago in the article Beyond Fusion, Not So Made For iPhone, Widex is having issues with iPhone connection. However, they have acknowledged the problem and have been working to deal with it. The message passed to me in relation to it goes like this "Widex will be releasing a new firmware update later this week. This firmware update is designed to further enhance the synchrony between the iPhone and BEYOND hearing aids for improved streaming connectivity. Specifically, the BEYOND firmware update will strengthen the communication between the iPhone and the BEYOND to avoid loss of connection. Patients will also see enhancements in the volume display and levels when alternating between the Apple native app and the BEYOND app as well as improved DEX functionality with the BEYOND app."

Widex Beyond Triple Connection

Complex and Irritating

The communication between any hearing aid and an iPhone is a complex procedure. Bluetooth is an inherently unstable wireless communication protocol that sometimes has a mind of its own. Although it is much better than it once was, it still can be irritating sometimes. Hopefully, this firmware update will reduce the issues to the acceptable norm.

DEX Functionality

It is interesting to see the DEX system mentioned, for me, I would probably be happier to use the Com DEX with an iPhone. I mean the Widex Link system is outstanding, it is still the best wireless communication protocol out there for audio quality. I know that the direct to iPhone is attractive for many users but I really don't understand the issues around wearing a streamer. Especially something as small and discreet as the Com DEX?

Firmware Update Direct To Your Phone

The Widex system is pretty cool, I mean they are the only manufacturer to deliver firmware updates direct to the phone. This ensures that they can continuously enhance features directly to the Beyond without you having to attend the office for these important updates. This saves time and allows them to deal with issues as they arise. 

Update To IOS

A further update to IOS is expected soon that should deal with other issues that have been caused by Apple's own Bluetooth protocols. Hopefully, that will put to bed all of the problems for both Widex and Oticon. 

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