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Hearing aid manufacturers

If you are thinking about buying a hearing aid, it’s good to do a bit of market research to find out what’s available. After all, hearing aids are expensive items and you want to do everything you can to make sure you purchase the right one for you. You can read about the best hearing aid manufacturers here

Who are the six big hearing aid manufacturers?

There are six hearing aid manufacturers that are known as the big six, they would provide the bulk of the hearing aid market worldwide. They are as follows:

When you visit a hearing aid vendor / audiologist they will surely recommend certain makes and models to you. With a bit of market knowledge you will be better placed to ask why a certain aid is being recommended or why they don’t think another model is a good choice.

Below is a list of the big-name hearing aid manufacturers, the hearing aids they produce and some links to sites for more info, you can also view some information on hearing aid manufacturers here.

  • Audio Controle
    Audio Controle produce the wide range of analog and digital hearing aids, including the Harmony, Solo, Duo, Vivo, Eligo and Maestro.
  • Beltone
    Beltone, part of GN Resound, produces a range of hearing aids, including the Corus, Mira and Edge.
  • Bernafon
    Bernafon produces a wide range of hearing aids, including the Symbio XT, Smile Plus, Neo, Flair, Win, Audioflex, Opus2 and Lexis.
  • Coselgi
    Coselgi, of Italy, produce a range of hearing aids, including various in-the-ear, behind-the-ear and eye glass models. 
  • Electone
    Electone produce a wide range of hearing instruments, such as various product lines with a variety of digital, programmable and conventional circuits.
  • Elkon
    In addition to supplying products from other manufacturers, Elkon of India produce their own range of hearing aids and audiometers for the Indian market.
  • Entific
    Entific produce bone anchored products including the BAHA System bone-anchored hearing aid.
  • General Hearing Instruments
    General Hearing manufactures a wide range of hearing aids, including open-ear, ready-to-wear, soft technology and high fidelity digital.
  • GN Resound
    GN Resound produce a range of hearing instruments, including the Canta, ResoundAiR, NewTone Plus and Aventa fitting software.
  • Hansaton
    Hansaton, a Germany company, produce digital hearing aids such as the Leonardo, Premio, Vital, Activo and Junior.
  • Interton
    Interton is a German manufacturer that produces a wide range of hearing instruments, including the Bionic that has artificial intelligence and the WirelessCROS that allows wireless signal transmission from one ear to the other.
  • Magnatone
    Magnatone produces a range of hearing aids, including the Claret, TruVoice and Monet.
  • Micro-Tech
    Micro-Tech produce a wide range of hearing instruments and products based on innovative technology. Products include the Alpine II and Touchless Telecoil.
  • Oticon
    Oticon produce a wide range of hearing instruments, including the Syncro, Adapto, Tego, Atlas, Go, Sumo and Swift.
  • Phonak
    Phonak produce a wide range of digital and analogue hearing devices and products. This includes the Savia digital range.
  • Puretone
    Puretone manufacture a range of hearing instruments, including the small Ultra CIC 2010, custom digital and the ESP II digitally programmable devices.
  • Rexton
    Rexon produce a wide variety of BTE and custom ITE digital and analog hearing devices.
  • Rion
    In addition to their other audiological equipment, Rion of Japan produce a wide range of hearing instruments.
  • Siemens
    Siemens produce a range of hearing instruments and products, including the Acuris, Triano and Prisma 2 devices.
  • SONIC innovations
    SONIC innovations produces digital hearing aids and hearing aid components, such as the Natura 2 SE and the Altair.
  • Sonovation
    Sonovation produce digital hearing instruments, such as the Nano Xp, ImpaCt Xp and the Logicom Xp.
  • Starkey Laboratories
    Starkey Laboratories produces a wide range of digital and analogue hearing instruments. These include the DaVinci PxP and other digital instruments that contain Precision Audio Imaging and Precision Directional Imaging technologies.
  • United Hearing Systems
    United Hearing Systems produces various custom hearing instruments. They also are licensed to manufacture and distribute the TransEar bone conduction hearing aid.
  • Unitron Hearing
    Unitron Hearing offers a feature-rich comprehensive digital product line, as well as programmable and analogue hearing instruments.
  • Widex
    Widex produces a range of digital hear instruments, including the élan, Senso, Bravo and A-series ranges.

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