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The Linx 3D, The Latest Made For iPhone Hearing Aid Technology

So it's finally launched, it will be available to buy in the UK and Ireland from next week. So what's so special about it? Well I have to say there are a couple of things that have piqued my interest in these hearing aids. The first, was really the feedback that Steve, the co writer of this site was giving. Steve has been wearing the hearing aids for a couple of weeks and he has been effusive with his praise. I won't steal his thunder though, he will be writing a couple of articles about that next week. For now, I want to explore the platform, what it is and what it offers. 

Resound Linx3D

  • It is up to 50% better at identifying speech across various environments
  • It enables users to hear up to 80% more of the sounds around them, and
  • It enables users to understand up to 40% more speech in noise

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So those are pretty interesting stats, but what is driving them, what's different and how does it deliver? Let's take a look at the underlying tech.

Binaural Directionality III

Yes they do love their feature names, this is their latest directionality strategy and is a further upgrade to what they have been doing. It involves continuous information exchange between the hearing aids which allows the optimal directionality in the hearing aids for the situation you are in.

The Important Bit

It simply allows you to focus on the sounds that are important to you, however, it also allows you to be aware of your surroundings. Some thing that is important so that your natural ability to hear in noise is activated. Steve is mightily impressed with this.

Spatial Sense

This combines and preserves natural cues so that the brain has the optimal information for localisation of sound and spatial awareness.

The Important Bit

Put simple, your localisation of sounds is important, because it is one of the major elements in your ability to listen to the sound you want while ignoring the sound you don't.

Binaural Environmental Optimizer II

Try saying that quick seven times in a row! This feature allows the hearing aid s to work together to analyse the listening environment you are in. It then automatically adjusts the features and amplification to deliver the best experience for you. 

The Important Bit

Knowing what the sound situation is accurately is really important, so this identifies the situation with high accuracy and then manages the feature set of the hearing aids to deliver the very best hearing for you. This feature and its accuracy is imperative for the function of the aids. Resound are quoting really high accuracy and Steve seems to concur. 

Noise Tracker II

This is a unique noise reduction system that works on the basis of spectral subtraction. It reduces unwanted noise without affecting the speech signal. 

The Important Bit

The really important bit here is that it seems to do what they are saying. It is excellent on any noise that is steady state (which means recurring similarlily) like engine noise, background hum of any kind. Steve has seen some excellent benefits in noisy situations in particular in his car. 

DFS Ultra II With Music Mode

A high precision feedback system that allows the cancellation of feedback with extreme accuracy. The Music mode is a slower acting system which allows better handling of music.

The Important Bit

Feedback is probably one of the most annoying things for users. The feedback system allows the amplification that you need without causing that damned irritating whistling. Having a system which also has a music mode means that your appreciation of music will be better. Sometimes music can sound like feedback, a music mode allows the system a little more time to make sure it isn't and do nothing. That means less distortion for you. 

Resound Assist

Drum roll please...... Resound Assist is the really big news for both Providers and Users. I don't want to detract from the hearing aids, they are excellent. However, there is so much more around this release than just the hearing aids. 

Resound Assist will allow your provider to adjust your hearing aids remotely. That means if you want adjustments on the go, they can be provided without you having to attend the clinic. The system is really easy to use and is quite intuitive. 

This might not be for everyone, but this feature will be a god send for the people who love it. It will allow them complete freedom over their experience, over their customer experience. 

Find out more about the Resound Assist Service here

The App, Resound Smart 3D

The accompanying app also allows you personalise your hearing experience in a deeper way. It has been re-designed to be more intuitive and easier to use and it offers real control. Again, this might not be for everyone, but for those who want it, it will enrich their experience. Again, this has to be seen as an excellent thing.

We will begin discussing the products over the next few days, I will be covering the technical details including the models that are available, Steve will be giving a series of reviews of the hearing aids in action. So stay tuned as it were. 

You can read more about the LiNX 3D models on our article LiNX 3D, The Models & Features You Can Expect From The Latest GN Resound Made For iPhone Range. Steve will be doing a series of articles about his experience with the hearing aids that you should watch out for.

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