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New Innovation Makes Choosing The Right Hearing Aids For You Easier

Trying to choose hearing aids but unsure of which ones are right for you?

At Hearing Aid Know, we know that there is a lot of uncertainty, even fear, that you might get it wrong, however, we think there is a great solution to make your choice easier!

Unitron introduced a new and innovative hearing aid feature with the North Platform that we think has not got enough notice. It is a feature that will allow you to make decisions about the hearing aid solutions you need based on real time data and real world experience. What could be better than that? Getting to wear them for a week to really try them out? Well, for the feature to really do its job, that's exactly how it works!

Log It All, Making You A Collaborator in Your Hearing Care

Want To Be In Charge Of Your Hearing Healthcare Decisions?

The beauty of this fantastic new tech is that it makes you a collaborator in your hearing care. It also puts you firmly in the driving seat when choosing the right solution for you. It does so by providing real world information on the situations you face every day and the hearing aid features that can help you to hear better based on your lifestyle needs. It is also a good thing for the hearing aid provider, because it gives them access to the real world information they need to really understand your lifestyle needs. 

How Does It Work?

Log It All is just one innovation in a package of three that Unitron has introduced. They have also made solutions called FlexTrial and Flex Upgrade available. FlexTrial is a special set of hearing devices that can be customised for your loss and set to work for a week or two, the Flex Upgrade solution allows the professional to set the FlexTrial devices to any technology level you would like.

In simple terms, if you would like to experience the benefits that the Unitron North 800 would offer, the professional can configure a set of FlexTrial hearing devices to that level of technology and allow you try them for a week or two. This alone is of real benefit for people who are trying to make a decision, however, Log It All improves upon this.

Basing Your Choice On Real Time, Real World Information

It works in the background during the trial period, gathering real-time and real-world data on the sound environments that you face on a  daily basis. At the end of the trial period, the hearing care professional can query the feature and show you the data as it presents it. Explaining the different soundscapes and what they mean. It is displayed visually in an easy to understand manner.

Unitron Log It All

As we said, the data is completely based on your experiences during the trial period, so it makes custom recommendations for you. Recommendations that are based on your lifestyle needs. This is what dramatically changes things, for the first time, you can make decisions on actual real world information. Not a question and answer session. You can understand clearly what a hearing aid feature will do for you in the real world and why you might need it.

A Massive Step Forward For Hearing Aid Buyers

We think that this is a massive step forward for both hearing aid buyers and the professionals who provide them. So do some of our professional colleagues as you can see from this story from a Glasgow hearing clinic. We believe that this technology gives the professional a very clear understanding of what a customer faces on a day to day basis. It allows them to collaborate with a customer on choosing the right hearing solution based on concrete, factual information.

Clear, Independent, Factual Information

It also allows you to experience the hearing aid technology in real time and real life, what else could be better? This groundbreaking and unique innovation allows customers to become truly involved in the decision-making process for buying hearing solutions. It also offers you clear and independent, factual information on what your lifestyle needs are, what you might need in hearing aid technology and why. So the next time you are thinking about buying hearing aids, why don't you ask about Log It All? 

If you are looking for good, independent hearing aid advice, you should check out our e-book. It details the types, pros and cons, technology levels and features of hearing instruments in clear and easy to understand language. We think that you shouldn't buy a hearing aid without reading it first.

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