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Signia Telecare 3.0, A Paradigm Shift For Hearing Care

Changing The Hearing Aid Wearing Experience Forever

In case you are unsure of what a paradigm shift is, it is a moment in time where something changes forever. I believe that the launch of Telecare 3.0 is such a moment for the ongoing delivery of hearing healthcare. Let's talk about the system and why I think it could change the experience of wearing hearing aids forever. 

The Launch of Nx and Signia Telecare 3.0

Signia NX models

In a recent article, I detailed the launch of the new Nx hearing aid platform from Signia. While there was much to talk about around the hearing aids and the new features, the one thing that caught my eye was the upgrade to the Telecare system from Signia.

Signia, who was initially the first to offer a remote fine-tuning service,  has made the Telecare service a live service. They have enabled full live remote tuning with video support which is a pretty huge breakthrough. 

Signia Telecare 3.0

The new service means that you can set-up a video call with your hearing professional and explain the issue you are having while you are in the situation you are having it in. The system is set up in order that your hearing professional can tweak your hearing aid’s settings live while you are talking to them. It means that both you and they can quickly assess if the setting changes are better. So for the first time ever, it’s possible to have your hearing care professional fine-tune your hearing aids while you are in the listening environments that matter to you.

The hearing care professional in the pocket.

Signia is billing the system as the hearing care professional in the pocket. This type of virtual home visit will be available for all patients with an iOS or Android device via the myHearing App. However, it will only be available with the new Nx hearing aid platform. Signia say that the new system will enable:

  • Instant advice and troubleshooting
  • Fewer follow-up appointments
  • Increased customer satisfaction
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What Does That Mean To The Experience?

As I said, I think it will change the hearing care experience forever. It will mean that hearing care professionals can be present in the moment when you are having problems. It will ensure that follow up visits can be undertaken virtually, at your own convenience.

It will also mean that much more support can be delivered during the early phase of wearing hearing aids, exactly when you need it. As I said elsewhere, it will be interesting to see how many providers offer and use the service. It will also be interesting to see how it is offered. Would you pay extra for the convenience? 

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