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Old hearing aids to get new life abroad

A ground breaking appeal launched in Huddersfield to transform the lives of hard of hearing people in the Third World has been hailed a success.

The hearing aid recycling scheme, the first of its kind in the UK, was launched in November last year to encourage people to give their unwanted aids in a bid to improve and even save lives of people living in developing countries.

Phil Spenceley, registered hearing aid dispenser and director of Specsavers Hearcare Centre in Huddersfield, launched the appeal after reading about the work of the charity Sound Seekers, which works to help deprived children who are heard of hearing.

The appeal was launched in partnership with the charity and Rotary International, and prompted the donation of more than 80 hearing aids to the Market Street Branch.

Phil and a team of trained audiologists now plan to travel to countries including Zambia and Sierra Leone to professionally fit the devices to those who need them most.

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