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Oticon ends online hearing aid sales

Oticon’s new distribution guidelines state that they will only supply their products to distributors who directly fit and sell Oticon products to end-users through face-to-face in-person consultations. These new guidelines effectively bring an end to customers being able to buy Oticon products via the Internet, mail order or catalogues.

In a -->press release, The American Academy of Audiology welcomes Oticon’s decision and hopes that other hearing aid manufacturers will follow suit.

I agree with the AAoA’s press release in that customers will receive a better service from a face-to-face transaction. Having said that, -->America Hears seem to have a good online service. Although the face-to-face service may be more beneficial to customers who have no idea of their hearing aid needs or what type of aid they require, online options like America Hears may offer a cheaper and perfectly adequate option for people who already own aids and are more inclined to know what they want.

Any comments? have you bought hearing aids online? Are you happy with them? If you haven’t bought online, would you consider it?