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Phonak Begins to Ship The Virto Black & Expands The Virto Marvel Range

There was quite a bit of excitement around the launch announcement of the Virto Black and there were a few early adopters who couldn't wait to get their hands on them. Well, the first Virto Black hearing aids are being delivered to customers as we speak and Phonak has also expanded the Virto Marvel range to include more of the traditional models you would expect including a Marvel Titanium and a Marvel CIC. Here is what you need to know.

Virto Black hearing aids

The Virto Black appears to be as described and for most people I have spoken to, it is akin to an In The Canal hearing aid or a Half Shell depending on their ear size. Early feedback right now is pretty good, but we will know more as time goes on. As I said, Phonak has also expanded the Virto Marvel range to include the typical traditional styles you would expect and the Black, or its equivalent is available in the typical skin colours. Let's take a look.

Marvel Titanium

Virto Marvel Titanium

There will be a Virto Marvel Titanium available to order, the Titanium has met with some success after a few false starts. Initially, Phonak had real problems with the Titanium, size and fit was a real problem. Those problems were ironed out as they got more experience dealing with titanium as a material and the device is now a popular option because of its deep fit within the ear canal. The Virto Titanium will be non-wireless and therefore will not offer the connectivity of the wider Marvel platform.

The other devices available are the M-10 NW O which is a very discreet device powered by a size 10 battery. It will not be wireless and it uses one microphone. The M-312 NW O, again, a very discreet CIC device, which is powered by a 312 battery, will not be wireless and will use just one microphone. Lastly, there is the Virto M 312 which is basically the same as the Black, it has dual microphones and will offer that pretty amazing connectivity and the outstanding Roger Direct system.

In fact, the only Marvel Virto device that will offer the full Marvel experience is the Black or the equivalent 312 device. For me, that begs the question, If you own a Virto Belong Titanium or CIC, is there a point to upgrading? I think this is a question we need to look at. The underlying chip in the Marvel is the same as it is in the Belong.

They have undertaken software upgrades, in particular, to make their auto-sense automatic system better in the Marvel devices. The real beauty of the Marvel platform is that amazing direct connectivity including the Roger Direct system that I truly love.

For me, that is the underlying driver to switch to Marvel, however, if you don't want the larger 312, is the software upgrade enough to drive you? You make the decision for yourself.

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