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Phonak Announces Naida Marvel Hearing Aids Introduction

Phonak have announced today that the Naida Marvel will be available to order from the end of February. There are many people with severe to profound hearing loss that have been waiting for this moment. Yes, the Marvel platform offers seamless connectivity to Bluetooth enabled devices and hands-free calls. But more importantly, it offers a direct connection to Roger devices like the Roger Select and the Roger Pen. That is something to be celebrated by people who can really do with the outstanding help the Roger devices offer.

Naida Marvel from Phonak

The Details So Far

At present, there is only mention of a Naida Marvel Super Power hearing aid that is run by a size thirteen battery. The hearing aid will be available in nine colours and the usual four levels of Phonak technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30. The hearing devices will cover losses from moderate to profound. I would assume they have a telecoil onboard but there is no mention of it in the literature.

Hands-Free Phone Calls & Uber Connectivity

The new Naida will offer the hands-free phone call experience and comprehensive connectivity that other Marvel users are used to. For people with severe to profound hearing loss, this type of connectivity is a true godsend. It levels the playing pitch, allowing them to use devices in the same way others take for granted. Of course, there are two other features in the Marvel platform that will really make a big difference to them.

Roger Direct & myCall-to-Text

People with severe to profound hearing loss need all of the help that they can get to hear better. The myCall-to-text app will deliver just that on their Smartphone. It transcribes phone calls in real-time, offering them live subtitles for their mobile phone calls. This app combined with direct connectivity could allow some people with severe to profound hearing loss use their mobile phone for the first time. 

The Roger Direct system is outstanding and now with the Naida Marvel, people with severe to profound hearing loss will be able to use Roger devices without any intermediary devices. That makes life easier and it allows people with this type of loss get on better in more challenging sound environments. That can only be seen as a good thing. The Naida has always been viewed as one of the best hearing aids for severe to profound hearing loss. The release of the Naida Marvel will only cement that position.

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