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Profound Hearing Loss, An Ecosystem Approach

Not Just The Hearing Aid, So Much More

My recent conversation with Dave Fabry got me thinking, we don't really cover solutions for severe to profound hearing losses on the pages of Know. I plan to fix that, over the next while we will put together central cornerstone pages with the pertinent information. Having said that I wanted to cover a concept that we talked about, the ecosystem concept specifically for people with those severe hearing losses.

What's an ecosystem approach?

In essence when we talk about an ecosystem approach what we mean is a hearing aid with connected accessories. Those accessories would probably include a phone solution, a tv solution and a remote microphone solution. Each of these different devices will offer a person with very little residual hearing the best possible hearing in different situations. Things like the Phonak Roger Pen below. 

Phonak Roger Pen

Because often the hearing aid isn't the answer

Simply put, in cases where there is very little residual hearing, the hearing aid is not going to be the full answer. No matter how good it is, or how technologically advanced it is, it has very little to play with. Don't get me wrong, the latest Super Power hearing aids from sonme of the big hearing aid brands are exceptional. Again though, this is a tough hearing loss to help and delivering all of the nuances of sound can be difficult. That's why the people who specialise in these losses also specialise in a host of accessories to deliver the best results. Below you can see some of the devices offered by Resound.

Resound Unite devices

These devices offer a comprehensive solution for people with profound hearing loss, they all offer slightly different help for different situations. They aren't just an answer for people with severe to profound hearing loss though. If your budget only stretches to a set of low end hearing aids, invest in a wireless accessory to ensure you get better hearing in the situation you most want it. As I said, we will put some cornerstone content together on both the hearing aids and the accessories that will help. 

If anyone out there would like to pipe in with suggestions, experiences, technical knowledge, tips or tricks, or just to tell me I am great (the wife is giggling for some reason now), is where you send it. The new page is now beginning to take shape, you can see it at Hearing Aids & Solutions for severe to profound hearing loss

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