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The S Series from Starkey.

Starkey S Series hearing aidsI have a new pair of Starkey’s S Series hearing aids – I got them fitted at Banbury Hearing Centre.

Over the next few weeks I’m going to review their performance against my old aids and write about them on here. I’m very impressed already. In the office last week I managed to listen in to someone else’s conversation from another desk – that was a welcome surprise!

The noise reduction seems really good, I can listen to music in my car now – before the engine and road noise was so bad I just turned my aids off.

I’ll go into more details on the features of the S Series when I get a bit more used to them. I’m also going to take pictures of the aids, the packaging and everything else I got with them – just to give those of you who’ve never bought a hearing aid before some idea of what you get.