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Attending Unitron Engage 2019

I am attending the Unitron Engage event in Amsterdam over the next two days. The event covers the European launch of their new Discover platform of hearing aids. It will also introduce us to differing Unitron strategies and features moving forward. This article will continue to grow over the next day or two as the sessions move forward. Today is focused on the different strategies, tomorrow will be focused on the Discover range.  

Unitron Discover

Future Innovation

Nicola McLaughlin is introducing us to future innovations of the wider technology world but also the Unitron world. The hearing innovation pathways that Unitron is moving forward on include hearing performance, battery pack, wider connectivity, teleaudiology and more. 

Flex Experience Meeting Changing Consumers Needs

I spoke many years ago about the FLEX Experience and how I felt it could help professionals to meet the needs of consumers. One thing we all know is that modern consumers aren't necessarily happy with the way hearing aids are sold. Many consumers want a more collaborative approach to the process. They want to be more involved in the process. 

That feeling means that the traditional model for selling hearing aids is ripe for disruption. The whole FLEX Experience is designed to do just that, it allows the consumer to be directly involved in the process. It also allows the consumer to clearly understand how hearing aids can help them. More than that, consumers can experience that benefit for themselves, long before they decide to purchase. 

The Flex Experience is made up of FlexTrial hearing aids, Log It All and finally FlexUpgrade. The system allows the consumer to purchase hearing aids that are suitable for them, with the safety net of easy upgrades of technology if need be. Let's take a quick look at the process.

FlexTrial Hearing Aids

After the hearing test confirms that you have hearing loss, you get fitted with a set of FlexTrial hearing aids. These devices are a part of the diagnostic process. They are set to your hearing loss, but the real goal is to better understand your needs and the sound situations you find yourself in. The professional will set them to work for an agreed time, perhaps two weeks to a month. Your job is to then wear them every day during that period as you go about your life. 

Collecting The Data

The hearing aids use another system from Unitron called Log It All which analyses the situations you find yourself in. It helps both you and the hearing care professional to assess exactly what your lifestyle needs are and what level of hearing aid technology might be suitable. 

Hard Data and Personalised Solutions

Hard data, real-world data. There really isn't anything else like this. The concept is driven by personalised hearing care. It is designed to offer a personalized solution for you and your real-world needs. In a future post, I will outline the FLEX Experience and why I think it is a good thing for consumers. 

Day Two, Meet The New Range

Day two here in Amsterdam is all about meeting the new Discover range and finding out what it offers. We know already that it is only two Receiver In Canal hearing aid devices and we believe it is across all the levels of technology. So here goes. 

New Sound Management System

Unitron has delivered a new sound management system that they call SoundCore. The management system has been improved through ongoing machine learning. 


As we knew earlier, the new Discover range uses the Sword 3.0 chip to offer seamless stereo audio streaming and hands-free phone calls. 

The Models

The two models available are the Moxi Fit and the Moxi Jump R. The devices have had a full re-design for comfort and quality feel. They also have introduced new receivers and domes. Of course, the Jump R is the very first lithium-ion powered rechargeable hearing aid from Unitron. The device will offer 24 hours of use from one three hour charge with normal use. They haven't spoken about battery life with streaming, but I will get a better idea of that a little later and update the article. 

Unitron Discover Hearing Aids



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