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Let's Talk About The Widex Fusion

The Widex Fusion is a powerful, versatile and discreet RIC (Receiver in Canal) solution that was introduced a few years ago. It truly is a great hearing aid but it does suffer from the disadvantages inherent in RIC / RITE devices. Let's take a look a closer look at the Fusion.

Introduced by Widex a couple of years ago, the Fusion is a versatile RIC hearing aid which covers many losses from mild to severe to profound. Depending on the hearing loss, the Fusion can be fitted with an instant tulip tip, a double dome (for more severe losses) or custom tips or moulds. 

Fusion hearing aids

As I said, the device covers many hearing losses, but, it is still a very discreet option. The device is quite thin and quite short, it is of course bigger than their ultra discreet Passion RIC. However, this slightly bigger size brings big benefits for the user.

It has an easy to use program button which allows you to change programmes on the go as you move from sound situation to sound situation. It also has telecoil receiver which allows you to connect to loop systems. On top of that is a 312 battery which is easier to handle and gives you more time between changes. 

The device can be used with a choice of four different receivers which gives it a huge fitting range which covers mild hearing loss to severe to profound. The S receiver is the least powerful and thinnest receiver, then there is the M receiver, the P receiver and the HP receiver which is the most powerful. The S, M & P receivers can be fitted with instant tips or custom molds, the HP receiver is a special order and comes in it's own specially made mold. Below you can see the fitting range of the M receiver and the HP receiver. 

Fusion m receiver fitting rangeFusion hp receiver fitting range 

As we said in the Widex Fashion post,  Widex have always had a fantastic power management system which meant they could run hearing aids on smaller batteries. They have introduced a new power management system which again extends the power to consumption ratio and it is available in the Unique range including the Fusion. Alongside the telecoil the Fusion is also wireless enabled and will connect to any of the Widex wireless accessories.  

I have fitted a lot of Fusions to people who were always happy with them. The one issue is that tehy are a RIC / RITE which means there is a possibility of receiver failures if you don't take care of them. The upside is that most receivers can be replaced in the office of your professional if need be. 

One caveat here, Widex does not like allowing hearing healthcare professionals to replace the HP receivers if they fail. They are a bit difficult to replace and they can be damaged if not handled properly. So if you have a HP receiver and it fails it may have to be sent away for repair.  You can read more about the hearing aid types and their pros and cons on the hearing aid types page.  

I really think these are fantastic hearing aids and a great choice for discretion and versatility, just be aware of the possible drawbacks. As always, if you have any questions about the Widex Fusion, or any hearing aid, give us a shout. 

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