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Widex Goes Battery Free With New Fuel Cell Powered Evoke

Widex today announced that it has been named a CES® 2019 Best of Innovation Awards Honoree for WIDEX EVOKETM featuring WIDEX ENERGY CELL™ technology in the Fitness, Sports and Biotech product category. WIDEX EVOKE featuring WIDEX ENERGY CELL technology will debut at CES as the world’s first battery-free hearing aid at the Sands Expo Booth #43735. Available in the summer of 2019, this new technology is built on the revolutionary WIDEX EVOKE platform to provide superior sound quality, while liberating users by leveraging the benefits of WIDEX ENERGY CELL technology.

Widex Fuel Cell for hearing aids

Using what will be the world’s smallest commercially-available fuel cell, WIDEX EVOKE featuring WIDEX ENERGY CELL technology allows users to reenergize their hearing aids off the grid in just 20 seconds. It is significantly easier to handle than traditional hearing aids and never needs a battery change again.

“With WIDEX EVOKE featuring WIDEX ENERGY CELL technology, the world will finally get to see its first hearing aid powered by fuel cell technology. Most hearing aids today use batteries or battery chargers connected to power outlets. Our new hearing aid will require neither. This is exciting new technology that will be hassle free for the user while providing superior sound quality and app control that makes the hearing aid easy to manage in any setting.”
Jeff Geigel, President, Widex USA.

This is another pretty amazing innovation coming from a well respected and innovative brand. They have been working on this system for many years and it is a pleasure to see their dedication rewarded. It truly is innovative, one simple charge of Methanol that takes 20 seconds will run your hearing aid for 24 hours. We will cover the system in more depth in the coming days.

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