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Changing Wax Guards on Oticon Hearing Aids Part Two

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Changing Wax filters on Receiver In The Ear hearing aids is a similar process as the custom devices. Sometimes however, the wax guards may be a different type. Always try to make sure you buy the same wax guards that came with your hearing aids. Let's take a look at it.

Changing Wax Filters on RITE Devices is Important

It is particularly important that you take care to change the wax guard on your RITE hearing aid. It is more sensitive than the receiver in a custom hearing aid and more likely to fail if you don't care for it. The wax guards for Oticon RITE hearing aids tend to be different than the ones for their custom devices. Make sure you buy the same one as came with your hearing aids. 

When To Change Them?

It is similar as before, if the wax guard looks blocked, it is time to remove it. The process is similar, here is how you do it. 

Replacing a wax filter on an Oticon receiver in ear hearing aid step 1

Step 1. As I said, the wax filters come on a circular holder with Oticon. Remove the tool from the shell. The tool has two pins, one empty for removal and one with the new wax filter.

Replacing a wax guard on an Oticon receiver in the ear hearing aid step 2

Step 2. Push the empty pin into the old wax filter in the speaker, you will feel it click and then just pull it straight out.

Replacing a wax filter in an Oticon Receiver in the ear hearing aid step 3

Step 3. Insert the new wax filter using the other pin, remove the tool by rolling it off and throw it away.

Again, Oticon have a handy video showing you the process which you can see below. 


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