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A Fantastic Video From Duracell Tries To Motivate People With Hearing Loss To Action

I came across a really fantastic video from Duracell a while ago. The video was designed to help motivate people who were worried about their hearing to take action. It should also hopefully motivate people with untreated hearing loss to finally take action. The video was designed for an education campaign in the States for May 2016. However, it should be shared again and again. 

Duracell Hearing loss Video


Some people may argue that the video lays it on a bit thick, some may even argue that it is not really realistic. To them my answer is rubbish! The scenarios in the video are all too real for many people and as for it laying it on really thick? I have to say that I thought it was exactly right, I think the level of emotion involved in hearing loss and its impact on people and their family is represented exceptionally well. And I would just like to point out I wasn't crying, something got in my eye, no matter what my wife tells you!

In fact, the reaction of the man and his wife when he finally begins wearing hearing aids is why I continue to Practice. I have said it before, I really love to help people, however, don't make me a saint yet, it is not all altruistic, I get a real buzz out of making a positive impact on someone's life. Take a look at the video below, and if you suspect that you have hearing loss, get off your ass and sort it out! Don't have us go round your house, we know where you live!

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