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Popular post roundup

The most popular entries from the last couple of months:

I didn’t hear you, can you repeat that?

Pardon? Say what? Come again? Say that again? Eh? Can you repeat that? Sorry? You what? Aye? I missed that? Hmm?
It doesn’t matter how you say it, they all mean the same thing: you didn’t hear what was just said.
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Do you have a hearing problem?

Most hearing loss occurs gradually, so the symptoms are often difficult to recognise. It may take something specific for you to realise that your hearing has deteriorated, such as a someone telling you that they think you have a problem….
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How do the deaf think?

There is this one question that people ask me when they grow comfortable enough around me. That question: “You know how hearing people usually say they have a little voice in their head when they think? How about you? How do you think?”
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The future of hearing aids

A not always completely serious look at the technology that might, or might not, be available for hearing aid users in the future…..
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Hal Hen Super Dri Aid

Hal Hen is an (oddly named) company that supplies many different types of hearing products. Their Super Dri AidTM and Mini Super Dri AidTM are dehumidifiers for your hearing aid.
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