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Widex Introduces New Mini BTE

Widex Unique Fashion Mini BTE

Widex is introducing a new BTE to their Unique line up, the new Unique Fashion Mini BTE will be a replacement for their discontinued and iconic M device. When the Unique platform was introduced there were many raised eyebrows at the lack of a mini BTE device. Many professionals were very fond of the M, it was a versatile and discreet option for people with moderate hearing loss. In fact many professionals picked the device over a RIC because it was inherently more reliable. The Fashion device which was introduced with the Dream platform was certainly no replacement for the tiny M.

The 2016 Widex Unique Hearing Aid Line-up

Widex Unique hearing aid line up 2016

Widex Unique Fashion

The Fashion device was really introduced as a replacement for the old Widex 19 device, although when they discontinued the 9 device it served as an ideal replacement for that hearing aid type as well. It was a versatile device offering the ability to fit many hearing losses. The inclusion of the new toggle button allowed the device to be sleeker without the loss of a programme button or volume button. As a replacement for the 9 and 19, it was truly an excellent device, but it certainly was not an ideal replacement for the ultra discreet M. I liked the M a lot, it was sleek, small, powerful and a BTE, a hearing aid type I really like, so I was sorry to see it go. 

Unique Fashion Mini BTE

So finally, Widex have replaced the M device, they are introducing the new Unique Fashion Mini which is as discreet, but actually more versatile than the M. Alongside the release of the Fashion Mini, they are also introducing new and updated earware options that can be used with the new device. let's take a look at the new mini and talk about why we are excited about it.

The new Fashion Mini is similar in dimensions to the old M, which means it is a really discreet option. However, Widex have made a few changes, all for the better I must add. Here is a run down:

  • Size 312 Battery means it lasts even longer
  • New multi-function button added which gives real versatility
  • The addition of new thin tube earware options now delivers three levels of output
  • The device is suitable for up to a 95dBhl loss
  • No Telecoil onboard, but you can't have everything
Widex Unique Fashion Mini BTE Fitting Range

The new Easywear earware options are pretty cool, they are shaped and designed in exactly the same way the RIC earware is presented. The new shape means that the earware should eliminate lateral movement in the ear canal, simply meaning they should stay in nicely. The earware is available in a 0.9 and a 1.4 diameter tube, this allows two levels of output with the thin tube delivering different levels of fitting range

As I said, I am excited about the introduction of this device. The M was a really versatile device and it allowed us to fit a really discreet option without having to resort to a RIC. I liked that because BTEs are inherently more reliable than RIC devices. The introduction of the new Fashion Mini means that we can fall back on a Mini BTE from Widex when we think a RIC might not be a suitable option for a user.

The Fashion Mini BTE should be launched in the UK next week, not a moment too soon really. As always, if you have any questions, or you would like some thing explained, drop us a line. 

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