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Sivantos launches world’s first in app video call for hearing aid fittings

We actually nearly missed this, it was announced on August 15th that Sivantos was expanding the Signia myHearing App to include a new video calling feature. This is the first commercial use of video remote hearing care for the fitting of hearing aids. Basically the professional can schedule a video appointment and then call the wearer on his or her smartphone or smart device at the arranged time. The video option is now being piloted in Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, South Africa, and the United States ahead of a wider roll-out in Fall 2017.

Signia tele-care

You can read more about Signias outstanding Telecare innovation here

We reported last year that they were introducing the app and we thought it had amazing potential. They obviously decided that the potential could be increased and they updated the app with the introduction of their Pure Made For iPhone hearing aid. They are now introducing video calling as a further update to the functionality.

This can only be a good thing for both users and professionals, it will increase ease of communication and ensure that follow ups don't have to involve office visits. I have said before that I see a huge market for this type of telehealth approach, it will mean that users can access hearing healthcare on their terms. Like the Patient Insights app from Unitron which we have discussed here, this will allow users to collaborate with their care professionals in a deeper manner. And that can only be a good thing. 

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