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Meet The Moxi All, Unitron's Latest Made For All Phones Hearing Aids

They have been hinting about it for a while now, but today they officially launched their new hearing aid the Moxi All. The Moxi All is a made For Any Phone hearing aid with a twist, it is also a rechargeable hearing device. This makes so much sense, the Made For All hearing aids have proven to be power hungry, offering a rechargeable device means that users don't have to worry about changing batteries. Let's take a look. 

Moxi All

Rechargeable Made For Any Phone

Like their stablemate Phonak, Unitron has chosen to offer a hearing aid that will connect to any mobile phone with Bluetooth using a headset protocol. However, in a very smart move, they have decided to make the devices, rechargeable. The rechargeable system seems to be the Z Power system that Unitron went with for the rest of their devices.

While there have been some issues with the Z Power system reported, they don't seem widespread and the system seems to be pretty solid. This makes real sense for Unitron to do as the connection to Bluetooth is pretty power hungry.

Simple Freedom

The main pro here apart from the fact that it will connect to any phone is that the Moxi All will give you amazing freedom from your phone. They will act as a wireless headset, allowing you to both answer and refuse phone calls with a touch of the button on the hearing aids. They will also act to stream the call to the aids and to stream your voice back to the caller. Simply put, as with the Audeo B-Direct, you won't need to touch your phone, it could be twenty feet away and you can still take a call and speak to the caller without ever needing to look for it.

One Ear Only

I would assume, but I am unsure, that the audio from the call will only be streamed to one ear. Considering the protocol they are using I think it will be a similar experience to the Audeo B-Direct. Audio in one ear while the second ear is muted. If I find out anything else, I will correct and update the article. 

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No Music or Audio Books From The Phone

You probably won't be able to stream audio other than phone calls from the phone. So no music or audio books, just phone calls. But again, the phone handling feature is outstanding and delivers real benefits as discussed.

TV Connector

Unitron is also introducing a new TV Connector, so you will have access to amazing stereo audio from any sound source once it is connected to it. 

Five Different Price Points

The Moxi All will be available in five different technology levels and price points. In essence, that means no matter what your budget is, there will be a Moxi All for you

Tempus Platform

The new Moxi All is based on the Tempus platform and this is where it gets interesting. The Tempus platform delivers some pretty amazing localisation features without binaural communication. I think it will mean that top of the range Moxi All hearing aids will not be hobbled in the manner the Audeo B-Direct has been. Again, that will be something we will discuss later when we know a little more. 

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