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Phonak Introduce First Ever Lithium-ion Rechargeable BTE Hearing Aid

Phonak didn't stop with the introduction of the groundbreaking Virto, they also introduced their brand new Bolero range on the Belong platform. Again they went for something ground breaking with the introduction of the first ever Lithium-ion powered rechargeable BTE hearing aid. Let's take a look at the Bolero Belong range.


Bolero Belong Hearing Devices

Phonak launched the much anticipated lithium-ion rechargeable BTE. Many within the hearing healthcare profession were expecting it with the success of the Audeo rechargeable device. The surprise was that Phonak made their power offering rechargeable. The Bolero B-PR. It is the first Lithium-ion rechargeable BTE to the market and the first rechargeable BTE for Phonak. They say that the battery pack will deliver 24 hours of hearing with one simple charge (expected results when fully charged, and up to 80 minutes wireless streaming time) which is in line with the performance of the Audeo B-R.

Phonak Bolero Belong P-R Rechargeable behind the ear hearing aid

The P hearing aid style is quite a powerful aid and can be expected to be fitted to people with severe hearing loss. The device has a programme button, volume control and a telecoil onboard. The amplification output of this aid demands a lot of power, so Phonak must be very confident with the battery technology.

The Bolero Range

The Bolero range is a full model line up with four Bolero B models. They will include B-M, B-P, B-SP, and the rechargeable B-PR. Let's do a quick run down of those devices. 

Bolero Belong MPhonak Bolero B-M

The B-M model is the smallest of the range, a micro BTE powered with a 312 battery it will cover Moderate to Severe hearing losses. The device comes with a programme button and has an onboard telecoil.

The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and  mould configuration. The device will be available in the four levels of technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30.

Bolero Belong PPhonak Bolero B-P

The B-P model is slightly larger, it is powered by a 13 battery cell and comes with a programme button, volume control, telecoil and will cover up to severe hearing losses.

The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and  mould configuration. The device will be available in the four levels of technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30.

Bolero B-SP

The B-SP is the largest model, again it is powered by a 13 battery and comes with a programme button, volume control and telecoil. The device will cover severe to profound hearing losses.

The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and  mould configuration. The device will be available in the four levels of technology, the 90, the 70, the 50 and the 30. 

Bolero Belong PRBolero B-PR

The B-PR is the rechargeable model which runs on a sealed and integrated lithium-ion powerpack. The device is similar in size to the Bolero B-SP. It also has a programme button, volume control and telecoil. The device can be fitted with a thin tube fitting or a traditional tube and  mould configuration. It will cover moderate to severe hearing losses and it will be available in the 90, the 70 and the 50 levels of technology only. 

What are the key features of the Bolero P-R

  • Rechargeable lithium-ion power cell
  • 24 hours continuous use with up to 5 hours streaming
  • Easy charging
  • Unique OneShell design
  • Probably only available in the 90, 70 and 50 level of tech

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Opn Hearing Aids

Oticon's Latest Most Advanced Premium Solution

Oticon introduced a new ground breaking hearing device last year with the Opn which has been exceptionally well received by both users and professionals alike. The internet-enabled Oticon Opn came with a number of additional features because it can connect to devices via the internet and Bluetooth. The hearing aids will connect directly to your Smartphone so you can make phone calls and listen to music without any intermediate streaming device. They are also water resistant to 1m.

The devices can be connected to any device that has a Bluetooth connection. This means that the hearing aids can also be connected to things like doorbells, appliances, or even baby monitors. Then when the doorbell rings, for example, the person gets a small 'ring' in their ear to let them know.

Open Up A Closed World

Open up a closed world

Oticon spoke heavily about a complete change in how their hearing aids work by introducing a whole new way to process the directionality of sound. They say that their new strategy opens the world of sound to a user, hence the name Opn. Many of us are finding it a little difficult to get concrete answers to how this is done, but the results seem to speak for themselves, users seem to love it. 

Three levels of BrainHearing™ support

Oticon speak about supporting the brain in order that our natural cognitive abilities are encouraged. The call this BrainHearing™ support which is delivered by a unique combination of technologies working together to reduce listening effort and provide the brain with better conditions to perform in.

Opn hearing aids technology levels

Technology Levels

The Oticon Opn range has now been expanded into three levels of technology, Level 1 which is the top of the range, level 2 and level 3. 

All three members of the Oticon Opn™ family provide the open sound experience that is proving so popular in varying levels. Each model gives the brain a different level of assistance – a different level of BrainHearing™ support. With the introduction of the new levels they have also expanded the fitting range of the Opn devices and they can now fit even profound hearing losses. 

Oticon Opn new fitting range

Oticon Opn is available in a compact, newly designed miniRITE that sits discreetly on the ear. Oticon Opn offers a wealth of new features and functionalities all incorporated in a sleek and modern 312 battery-based design.  The Opn is available in a range of colours. Oticon is expected to expand the Oticon range to more device types this year and we will update you when that happens. 

Oticon Opn Mini RITE: wireless slimline 'Mini-Receiver-In-Ear (miniRITE)' hearing aid using a 312 battery

Oticon On App

The Oticon ON app lets you adjust volume, switch programs and check the battery level. The app also offers convenient 'find my hearing aid' search feature, counseling advice and links to user instructions. The app is also where the connection to the IFTTT network happens. 

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